There is nothing like the testimonials and experiences of people who have been before you. I applaud this initiative for taking what has been learnt and sharing it with those arriving.
Jozias van Aartsen, Mayor of The Hague, former Dutch Foreign Minister

For our international staff and their families moving to (yet) another country, it’s the guidance of peers that went before them, that is valued the most. Great to see this book. It will definitely create a similar effect.
Alexander van Noort, Chairman International Community Platform / General Manager Schlumberger NL/DK

Meeting people is the best way to get the ins and outs of living in a new country. Hearing what they have to share, before you have a chance to meet them, is the next best thing.
Billy Allwood, Owner, TheHagueOnLine.com

Can anything really prepare you for life in the Netherlands? This book makes a damn good attempt.
Colleen Geske, author of Stuff Dutch People Like.

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