Ready, Steady, Go Dutch

Ready, Steady, Go Dutch is a must-have resource for anyone planning on settling in the Netherlands, or who has been here a little longer.

This innovative English-language publication is a handy 100-page paperback full of tips, tricks, and testimonials from expats and internationals, who have already “gone Dutch”.

The book has been compiled from the experiences of some 150 people from all over the world. Get a preview here.

4 thoughts on “Ready, Steady, Go Dutch

  1. Hi!

    I ordered a copy of the book on the first of July 2015 and as of today have not received it.

    Please can you investigate and provide feedback.


    • Thank you for notifying us Nicole, we’re very sorry about the delay. The book should be on its way to you now.
      We hope you enjoy it once it arrives!

  2. Hello

    I paid for the book some time ago, but haven’t as yet received it. Could you tell me what I have done wrong/what went wrong?

    Thank you!

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